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Mark McIntire brings unique ideology to SBCC philosophy
The Channels
Mark McIntire has been teaching philosophy at City College for over 20 years, a span during which he's seen five different presidents take office. While times have changed at the school, McIntire has remained steadfast in one thing: his maverick ...

Awful Announcing

ESPN's new hiring philosophy: bring your own audience
Awful Announcing
ESPN is undoubtedly evolving. As with all change brought on by evolution, it's being brought upon by external pressures forcing the issue. We've been seeing examples of ESPN adjusting to the changing market for a while now, perhaps most notably and ...

Cageside Seats (blog)

Is WWE's “longer=better” philosophy sustainable? - Cageside Seats
Cageside Seats (blog)
Hell in a Cell is passed and TLC is this weekend. Together they represent the pinnacles of a busy month in WWE. Hell in a Cell's over-three hour show mostly ...

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other projects reimagines traditional chinese pavilions using confucius philosophy
based on confucian philosophy, the beauty of other projects' chinese pavilion lies within its nothingness and emptiness. the chinese pavilion is a covered structure without walls or doors and is built from three main components: the plinth, columns ...


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