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The Standard

Yes!! You could be allergic to your partner's semen
The Standard
There is a high chance that sperm allergy may also be misdiagnosed for a sexually transmitted disease or infertility. The condition, according to medics, has great semblance to endometriosis, a condition where endometrial cells lining the womb migrate ...

Woman who's allergic to almost everything speaks out
One in three of us suffer some kind of allergy or intolerance at some stage in our lives - a runny nose, a rash, or sensitivity to certain foods. But for 30-year-old Johanna Watkins, years of declining ... “This only affects a small percentage of ...


Ranitidine (Zantac) For Dogs: Uses, Dosage, & Side Effects
Ranitidine is primarily used to treat and prevent ulcers in dogs, though its ability to reduce stomach acid is helpful in treating other gastrointestinal conditions, as well. Reducing stomach acid helps to soothe inflammation, ... conditions your dog ...

Green Valley News

Rare disorder robs director of his voice but not his passion
Green Valley News
They also understand the irony of the circumstance — their director, an accomplished singer who has helped the chorus attain unprecedented success, can no longer sing and has difficulty speaking because of a rare medical disorder. "For a man whose ...

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